Perry Lam, Founder & CEO

Perry is an executive coach to CEO's and business leaders in the Asia Region, with direct experience coaching at the "C" Level within the hi-tech, financial services, transportation, and Korean "Chaebols". He was previously responsible for developing leaders and sales champions at DHL Worldwide Express, where he served as Regional Director, Sales to the Country Sales Directors and their teams across the organization in Asia Pacific, initiating the DHL "Sales Force Academy and Leadership Center" which included the Internal Coaching program.

Advisory Board

Richard Hsiung

Cliff Davis

Greg Burns

Korea Based

Joshua Davies

ES Eom

Sean Lee

Hong Kong Based

Wing Tan

Matthew Tsui

Paula Ho

Singapore Based

Meng Or Chee

Tiffany Low

Japan Based

Shinichiro Sugahara

Keigo Takada

China Based

Kin Ho Wong

Michael Wix

James Qiu

Thailand Based

Anusorn Butsoontorn

Atchara Juicharern

India and Australia Based

Soma Vajpayee

Jim Wilson

Peter Fitzmaurice