We specialize in...

Our Professional Services are integrated business solutions that we deliver to your organization. Each of these programs has its exacting objectives, yet every program will be customized to fit the particular needs of our clients.

Licensed Programs

  • Think on your Feet™
  • The Skilled Presenter™
  • Writing Dynamics™
  • Coaching Clinic™
  • Smarter Selling™
  • Passionworks™
  • Emergenetics™
  • Action Learning™

LAM Institute has spent years localizing, researching, and refining a series of programs custom tailored to the changing needs of today. All are delivered using cutting-edge multimedia, online pre and post assessment, and detailed individualized feedback that enables strong follow-through on the lessons learned. We also offer cutting edge licensed programs.


    We offer a unique combination of proprietary and best-in-class licensed programs to effectively upgrade your organization's communication skills from writing to speaking to intercultural issues.


    We're crafted a series of programs for leadership building based on clear quantifiable assessments and step by step training regimens designed to improve leaders throughout your organization.


    The Selling for Success Series is a high impact and interactive business solution especially designed for professionals. Each course builds upon the previous one to create a powerful sales team.

Assessment Options

65% of Employers use Psychometric Tests in their recruitment process. Testing provides more information about team members in an objective way so we can therefore make a more informed decision. We can measure the potential of the individual tested so that you can train that person and know how to motivate them to give their best. To do so we are licensed to provide best-in-class assessments, as well as having designed our own tailor-made solutions. We're proficient with Emergenetics, DiSC/MBTI, Harrison Assessments, Cambria 360, and many more.