It was a great chance for me to join in your class! Your class and speech was very useful and interesting. I'll try to remember your comments in my new leadership role.
Tech Industry, Korea

I really enjoyed the class, and it was helpful for me business-wise, and person life-wise. I'm going to be thinking about it during the holiday seasons before our new year. Thanks for your powerful, energetic, and humorous lecture again.
Supply Chain Industry,
Hong Kong

Licensed Programs

  • Think on your Feet™
  • The Skilled Presenter™
  • Writing Dynamics™
  • Coaching Clinic™
  • Smarter Selling™
  • Passionworks™
  • Emergenetics™
  • Action Learning™
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A high energy team-building event series that can be held indoors or out, and works to bring diverse teams closer together inn collaboration and competition.


In today's ever-changing business environment, coaching is probably the most effective method available to managers and team members to develop skills and thereby increase performance.


We are all faced with problems - solving them effectively is an essential skill. In this program you will learn a systematic process for attacking and solving problems, as well as making better decisions.

3-2-1 Executive Excellence Coaching

What’s the problem?

In today's complex and fast-moving world, what we need even more than foresight or hindsight is insight. Strong training enables us to step back and analyze our problem areas as well as move towards solutions that don’t just sound good, but work throughout all levels of the organization. The trouble is, at the top levels of leadership, simply put: busy executives often don’t have time for 1 to 2 day programs. Without top level leadership in line with and engaging in generating company wide training values, follow through...doesn’t follow. How then can we uncover top level issues and cascade learnings down thorough an organization in a timely manner?

We’ve spent years working with top executives at S&P Asia 50 and Fortune 500 countries throughout the region, and have learned how to balance the demands of busy executives with the need for quality workable solutions for targeted growth. All training activities are video taped for self reflection, as well as given extensive in session as well as online feedback. Detailed pre/post improvement reports along with further suggestions are provided for both participants and the appropriate managing partners.

  • Pre-assessment: Online surveys/assessments designed to measure participant levels and needs. In-person interviews are also available depending on course.
  • Initial Training (3 hours/group): We’ve taken our top 1 and 2 day programs (see page 2) and distilled the key points, activities, and take aways needed for busy executives: all delivered in an intensive 3 hour hands-on learning sessions with groups up to 12 executives.
  • Small Group Coaching (2 hours): After our initial intensive participants complete take-home assignments designed to try-on techniques and prepare for our small group sessions (2-4 participants). In these group sessions participants utilize the take home work to participate in focused learning, role-plays, and both peer and trainer feedback.
  • One-on-One Coaching (1 hour): Following another home assignment, participants receive focused individual (or occasional duo) coaching sessions designed to solidify learning into action and promote growth-oriented ROI.
  • Follow-up & Post-assessment: Provides extra resources that extend learning and check follow-through.