I've never received such well-organized training in presentation skills.
Insurance Industry, Korea

I had a chance to give a short presentation to my overseas colleague via video conference and she said my presentation was much better than before even without the script, I look very comfortable and more interactive with confidence. Is this the power of learning and practice? I think so!
Financial Services,
Hong Kong

Licensed Programs

  • Think on your Feet™
  • The Skilled Presenter™
  • Writing Dynamics™
  • Coaching Clinic™
  • Smarter Selling™
  • Passionworks™
  • Emergenetics™
  • Action Learning™
McCluhan-Davies Licensed Programs


A practical workshop on how to structure your ideas to speak concisely and persuasively:

  • to answer questions on the spot.
  • to explain complex ideas clearly.
  • to be more persuasive.
  • to get to the point quickly.
  • to be remembered.


Examines the mechanics of how to deliver a presentation. We focus on how others see you, with special emphasis on:

  • How to organize your presentation
  • Polishing Performance Skills- Voice, Eye Contact, Gestures, Posture, Stance.
  • Preparing Dynamic Visuals


Today's readers are overloaded; they have no time, and at best, skim-read. Our three-part writing system helps you PLAN using creative and structured thinking; DRAFT in record time and EDIT for impact.

Designed by LAM™ Programs


Our top notch cross cultural team building course is designed to facilitate the building of interpersonal relationships, foster mutual understanding and respect, and help understand where cultural differences lie.


How often do you find that you need to think and speak quickly without lots of preparation time? Almost 80% of business communication is fast and informal, and various techniques can improve delivery ease and memory impact.


Helps individuals master what a truly persuasive person seems to do naturally - influence others by understanding and leveraging their point of view. Drawing content from their own jobs, individuals master a process for guiding productive dialogue and gaining commitment from others.


The goal of a great presentation is not its completion, but in how much the audience remembers and acts. We train-

  • Tools that can be used time and time again in future speeches.
  • How to craft a speech that creates memory and action.
  • How to establish stage presence and rapport with the audience.


We place a strong emphasis on effective email writing since emails are primary mode of communication in the workplace. As such, we provide our clients with tools that make their email and report communication messages more succinct, more effective and productive.


To reach an agreement that's acceptable to both parties you'll need to negotiate effectively and have a number of key strategies and tactics at your disposal. This practical course is packed with exercises to help you to build the skills you'll need to be able to enter real-life negotiations with confidence and understanding.


Communication skills and self-awareness are integral in improving the quality of our work life. Communication issues resulting from misperceptions, and the differences in working styles and approaches often predominantly occupy our attention.


Having to sit through a pointless and mind-numbing meeting can be a painful experience, but it just doesn't have to be that way. With the right processes, running effective meetings, proceeding productively, and ending with a clear course of action will be the standard for your people.


Time management is not just about learning to say 'no'. It's about allowing your people to develop a range of practical strategies and options to build a realistic action plan. while avoiding the trap of presenting a 'one size fits all' approach to managing time.

Customizing Programs

Using the wide breadth and depth of our experience we are able to work closely with you to deliver a custom tailored program solution. With trainers speaking 10 languages in 12 countries drawing on dozens of LAM Institute designed and licensed programs we're certain the program you need is within reach. What can LAM do for you?