Founded in 2003, LAM Institute (Leadership & Advanced Management) is a leading advocate of Leadership Training, Communications Coaching, and Sales Management in Asia. We are in the business of enabling your institution to attain organizational effectiveness through professional development. We've worked successfully with leading organizations throughout Asia, Europe, and North America in order to increase and sustain operational effectiveness and business performance. Our experienced training staff operates out of 12 countries in Asia and Australia and delivers professional programs in 10 languages. We have had the honor of serving some of the top multinational corporations and national organizations in the world. We cordially invite you to join their ranks as our client

Quality and Excellence

We are committed to delivering the highest quality of service to all our clients through "Best Practices" and "Best in Class" products and services support.

We deliver real, customized, sustainable solutions. That's our core promise.
Perry Lam


We conduct our business, supporting our clients and manage our people, with the utmost in business ethics and integrity

Top 3 reasons to choose LAM Institute? Repeat customers, repeat customers and repeat customers. Landing a client once shows you are a good salesman; having the same client again and again shows that your skills create positive results. Our solutions use a mix of quantitative and qualitative methods to achieve optimal return on investment. We're passionate about training and design, using the latest methods while also actively researching and participating in our professional community.

How do we do this? Our unique platform of brain-based research, blended leaning and good old fashioned practice produces startling transformations in the companies and individuals we work with. We don't offer gimmicks and quick-fixes that disappear within a week, but training that sticks and grows with the learner.

Professional Affiliations

  • American Chamber of Commerce
  • American Society for Training & Development
  • American Communication Association
  • Association for Business Communication
  • Association of Professional Business Writers
  • Hong Kong Coaching Community
  • Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce
  • International Leadership Association
  • International Coach Federation
  • International Mentoring Network
  • National Communication Association


  • Emergenetics
  • World Institute for Action Learning
  • CPVA
  • CAIA
  • Negtioation and Conflict Mediation
  • Certified Master Coach
  • Cerified Behavioral Consultant
  • Cambria 360
  • Business Analysis
  • Micro-Expression Training